Training Packages and Workshops

Training Packages and Workshops are offered throughout the year.

Free winter sports/activities offered when we can’t cycle.

Introduction to Cycling


  • Parking lot drills shown here
  • Learn the proper way to mount and dismount your bike.
  • Starting and stopping on your bike
  • Rock dodge using cones
    Straight line shifting

3 2-hour sessions


Companion Cycling

Companion Cycling is;

  • When you don’t want to ride alone and/or
  • Not in the mood for training
  • Hire me to keep you company!

3 2-hour sessions


Group bike riders photo

Hill Training

Oh No A Hill!
  • Learn how and when to change your gears when approaching a hill.
  • Proper pedal strokes
  • Breathing techniques

3 2-hour sessions


W@W Workshops

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Bike Purchasing Assistance

Assistance in purchasing a new or used bike is a service that I also provide. You will not enjoy cycling if you have an ill-fitting bicycle.  Consult with me if you are not sure how to make that investment. Base price $25.00 per hour. Shopping happens to be my favorite pastime.

Contact me to talk more about Bike Purchasing Assistance


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FREE Winter Events

As a member, you can enjoy many other events when we can’t ride

  • Hiking
  • Snowshoeing
  • Sled riding

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Winter Activities - snowshoeing

No Refunds on Paid Services/Events!