Our Mentors

Becky Brandt

Becky B. Brandt

Best rider/designer ever!

About 10 years ago, I reacquainted myself with biking. At first, I rode exclusively on trails. But in the past few years, I discovered the fun of group riding with Black Girls Do Bike, Pittsburgh Major Taylor, and Women @ Work cycling clubs. The people I’ve met have really helped me improve my skills and I now prefer road riding. One of my goals is to help others gain knowledge and skills so they will love biking as much as I do.

When I’m not riding, I write and do graphic design at my corporate communications business. Creating the Women @ Work bike kit with Robin was a really cool project!

Monica Garrison

Monica Garrison

Inspiration galore!

I believe that the simple act of riding a bike can be the catalyst for wonderful and empowering experiences for women of all ages.

  • Founder of Black Girls Do Bike LLC (BGDB) 2013
  • Became a Non-Profit April 2021
Neil Walker, Mentor

Neil Walker

Best Coach ever!

Neil was born and raised in Pittsburgh. He has been League Cycling Coach since 2013 and has worked extensively in educating both youth and adults, working in Minnesota, North Carolina, Pittsburgh and Detroit. Walker spent 17 years as the education coordinator for BRAG Dream Team (Bicycle Race Across Georgia).

In 2010, Walker created a company, Cycles and Change, to increase bicycle education and to bring change in communities of color and low-income areas. He is the recipient of the 2011 Community Service Award from the National Brotherhood of Cyclists, where he also serves as Education Director. Walker is one of the founding members of the Equity Advisory Council, a group of advocates from various programs across the country, looking to bring equity and social justice to cycling.

In 2016, Walker was named the League of American Bicyclists’ Instructor of the Year. 

Bruce Woods

Bruce H. Woods

My primary mentor!

My primary mentor, and youngest brother, whom I taught to ride a bike as a child. He has taught me just about everything I know about bicycling as an adult.

Former President of Pittsburgh Major Taylor Cycling Club (PMTCC), President and Founder of the Major Force Youth Cycling Club, he is also a Licensed Certified Instructor through The League of American Bicyclists.